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    What exactly do you do at events?

    On-site during your event, we print t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and other accessories with your event logo, personalize with company names and/or numbers and customize with other novelty designs. 

    How much space does this require?

    We have different setups depending on the size of the event. Minimum space required is 10'x20'.

    How big of an event does it need to be?

    We have different equipment set-ups, so there is no "set" minimum. Fill out a information form here Schedule an Event and we can respond with a proposal for you.

    What does it cost to have Crush Retro at our event?

    It does not cost the organization anything, in fact in most situation we are doing a fundraiser for your organization with you receiving a portion of the sales. 

    What percentage does our organization receive for commission?

    Fill out a information here Schedule an Event . We will respond with a proposal specific for your event and needs.

    Can participants pre-order their shirts?

    Yes! In fact, we can offer even more choices online than we can on-site. These pre-ordered garments will be ready for your participants from day one and they can show them off to all their friends!

    How many colors can the design have?

    As many as you need! :-) With DTG, we are not limited. 

    Do you create the logos or can we use our own?

    Your choice! We can help you design a unique logo for your event or we can use a logo you have designed elsewhere, as long as you have proper permission.

    Do you have different colors and styles of shirts?

    There are too many to list. Most events will have basic tees and hoodies at minimum. We can get you whatever garments you need in most cases given enough time prior to the event. 

    What else is available on-site?

    In addition to your event logo, participants can add their name and number in a variety of styles. Depending on the type of event, we also have additional novelty designs for sleeves, hoods, back collar or for the back of the garment so your participants can create exactly what they like.

    How much do t-shirts cost?

    Check out the "Events" tab to view some of the garment options and pricing for upcoming or recent events. Cost of items fluctuate with the number of colors in the logo and size of the event

    What else does our organization need to do?

    Promote on-site sales. The more sales...the more commission your organization will receive! We may ask for a couple of tables/chairs.

    You are already scheduled on our dates, does that mean we are out of luck?

    Absolutely not! We are able to pop-up at multiple locations, so contact us with the details of your event to see if we can make it work.

    Where are you located?

    We are based in Pasco, Washington, but we are mobile and able to travel in the region to your event.